Metals have been the crowning glory of civilisations past. Sourced from nature yet pieced together by man, metals are symbolic of our triumph. Shiny and glamorous, metals add a luxurious feel to spaces. Colours of opulence whether it is the humble bronze, the more charismatic chrome or nickel and of course the epitome of luxury that is gold and rose gold. These different colours and material make for fascinating objects of desire from furniture to partitions and profiles. The High Wall is proud to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all things metal.

Metal Furnitures, Metal Partitions, Metal Profiles

The Highwall Located in Bangalore, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of metal furnitures, Metal Partitions & Metal Profiles. The two finishes provided are Glossy and Matte. And the colors available are Gold, Rose Gold, Nickel, Chrome and Bronze.

Metal Furnitures

The best new metal furniture designs curated by The Highwall .

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Metal Partitions

The Highwall Offers Metal wall Partition for your Office or Home

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Metal Profiles

Metal profile are used to build efficient & cost-efficient envelopes of mostly commercial buildings.

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