Wallpapers transform any boring wall into an accent wall in an instant. They are rolls of decorative paper that enrich your interiors without any hassle. At The High Wall, you get a wide range of options to choose from, that reflect your taste and personality. Everything from classy to classical, from modest to modern. Whatever your choice, you can rest assured that our wallpapers are the epitome of luxury and quality. Pick one you like or feel free to get in touch with us on what would work best for you.

Classical Collection

Our classical collection celebrates the finer things of yesteryear. A wide range that paints a vintage picture, reeks of royalty and transports you to another time and world. Rich and imperial, these wallpapers hint at timeless luxury.

Modern Collection

Keeping with the times is our ever changing Modern range of wallpapers. Contemporary and up to date, they celebrate the latest trends when it comes to interiors. Geometric but most of all, aesthetic, these wallpapers are bound to enliven your environment.

Floral Collection

As the name suggest, these wallpapers are everything floral. Over time, floral designs and patterns have evolved, yet remain a mainstay when it comes to choosing wallpapers. Bright and colourful, these wallpapers can bring any space to life with energy and vibrance.

Natural Collection

Our natural collection is inspired from nature. Imitating the beautiful textures and patterns from the great outdoors bring relief indoors. Be it the deep woods or refreshing forest greens, be it rocks or trees, there are so many magical inspirations amidst nature for you to choose a wallpaper from.

Office Collection

As the name suggests, these wallpapers are best used in office and work spaces. Formal in their approach, they represent more official designs that help set the tone for your work space. Wallpapers that will elevate the atmosphere when it comes to being all business.

Concrete Collection

Concrete forms the backdrop or an urban tune. Exposed cement, a multitude of grey tones and unique texture, all celebrate concrete. This range of wallpapers, celebrate urban design and represent a hip choice for city dwellers.

Stone Collection

A stone finished cottage was the epitome of luxury in the past. Today wallpapers allow us to achieve the same style in an easier manner. With a variety of layered stone or stacking patterns, these wallpapers provide a natural yet unique look for your walls.

Plains Collection

Plains or plain wallpapers add a hint of class to your otherwise plain walls. Minimalist in approach, they enhance your walls with mild texture and a gentle feel, adding mood which is functional yet in a subtle manner. These wallpapers reflect a subtle personality yet ooze an environment of charm.

Wood Collection

Trees have served as inspiration to artists and builders alike for as long as one can remember. It has inspired us to create this collection of wallpapers that represent wood. Various patterns of barks and trees, make for a wide range for you to choose from.

Brick Collection

Bricks are an essential part of architecture and design. They have been in fashion and out of it and back again. With modern takes on the timeless material, they make for a variety of wallpaper finishes. From the simple yet classic exposed red brick, to the casual yet chic cafe look.

3D Collections

While most wallpapers are two dimensional in nature, we also boast a wide collection of 3D wallpapers. Given the graphic age and everyones familiarity, these wallpapers comes with a 3D effect playing with depth perceptions and creating illusions. Choose a 3D wallpaper to add that extra dimension to your interiors.

Kids Wallpaper Collection

These wallpapers have been specifically created and curated for children. Spaces for your children like their room or study can be made fun through this collection of wallpapers. Enhance their experience by letting them choose from their favourite cartoon characters for a wallpaper to call their own.


Murals is self-explanatory and are wallpapers that contain a piece of art that goes right across the wall. These larger than life murals take centre stage and grab the attention of the discerning viewer. These wallpapers set the theme for the space and let you make a statement.