A. On our website - select a design and then send us an email or call us.
B. At our store. Locate here
C. Free home visit - we will get you a few samples for you to touch and feel. Book a visit by calling us or leaving us a message.


Wallpapers range between Rs.95 per square feet and Rs.1500 per square feet.
Wallpapers will have to be purchased in multiples of rolls. Minimum quantity that can be purchased is 1 roll. 1 roll of wallpaper covers 57 square feet on average. This however differs from collection to collection.
Step 1: Calculate the area of your wall (length x width). Subtract the area of the doors or windows if any.
Step 2: Add 10% - 15% extra as wastage required for matching the design during installation.
Step 3: Divide this area by the roll coverage and round off the answer to the next higher whole number.
Watch Video - https://youtu.be/yLyRXD5MwvM


Once you have selected the design from our collection, you will get an estimate for the chosen designs and for number of rolls required. You may check this estimate and confirm the order by making 50% advance payment.

Lead Time

Once you confirm the order, there will be a lead time before the rolls are ready. This lead time ranges between 2 - 15 days depending on the collection.


50% advance payment at the time of order confirmation.
50% balance payment before dispatch of rolls from our warehouse.
Cash, cheque, debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfer.


Our skilled installation team will install the wallpapers at no additional charge at your premise. Please book a date for installation by either email or call as the schedule for installation is based on first cum first serve basis.

One wall will normally take 3-4 hours.


1. Remove dry dust using a dry cloth.
2. Remove stains as soon as possible to eliminate any reaction between the stain and the wallpaper, and to prevent permanent discoloration.
3. Stubborn dirt stains can be wiped off using a clean damp cloth.
1. Avoid abrasive materials
2. Avoid abrasive cleaners
3. Avoid products that contain bleach
1. Remove dust using dry cloth.
2. Mix a small amount of mild soap with water in a bucket. Dip a soft cloth or sponge into this solution.
3. Squeeze out the excess water into the bucket. Otherwise, the wallpaper will get too wet and start tearing.
4. Wipe the surface from the bottom to the top. Clean in the direction of the vertical seams. Clean one section at a time.
5. Rinse with warm water. After cleaning the wallpaper, rinse each section with clean water.
6. Pat the wallpaper dry. Use a terry-cloth towel for this task. Dry the surface immediately after rinsing it to prevent the wallpaper from soaking up too much moisture and tearing.
Note: Non-washable wallpapers can be cleaned using vacuum cleaner only.
a. Spray a washcloth with mild soap solution, and gently wipe the stains until they disappear.
b. Rub fingerprints away with a piece of bread. The gluten in the bread removes stains from the wallpaper.
c. Apply talcum powder to remove grease spots. Pour talcum powder on a washcloth. Rub the cloth on the wallpaper and let the powder site for 10 minutes. Remove the powder from the wall with a dry sponge or brush.


The High Wall, will withing 3 years from date of purchase repair or replace (as its option), free of charge, the wallpaper if it has a manufacturing or installation defect. This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accidents, seepage, abusive use of any other external cause.


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